An Historic Virginia Bed & Breakfast

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In accordance with the COVID-19 restrictions in Virginia, The Inn at Forest Oaks is OPEN, but with precautions. We are operating at partial capacity for the time being, offering only 3 guest rooms in the Manor House – the Oatlands, Milburn, and Gunston Rooms. A 4th room, The Long Branch Room, will be available June 1st – we’re taking reservations now. This is intended to provide responsible social distancing for our guests and ourselves. This is subject to change.

The Vine Cottage remains available for booking with no restriction.


Chris and Cliff have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


Dining room seating for breakfast has been arranged so that we can provide adequate distance between guests. Guests may also take their breakfast on the rear portico or in their rooms if they prefer.


Our standard for cleaning has always been above reproach, but we’ve switched to bleach-based cleaning products for the bathrooms for the present season. We also disinfect all surfaces and door handles between guests.

Cancellations or Rescheduling

We understand that this is an uncertain time, so we’re maintaining a relaxed cancellation policy. We simply ask for the courtesy of being informed if you will not be staying.

A Welcome Escape

This has been a strange, stressful time for all – The Inn at Forest Oaks can provide a much needed getaway. Here you can avoid the crowds and the NEWS! We have space to roam, peace and quiet, plus fresh-baked pies. We hope to see you soon.

shenandoah valley virginia, the grounds of the inn at forest oaks
rocking chair with virginia mountain views at the inn